Sound Absorption pyramid profiled foam panel

Set of 4 pcs. for a total area of 1,44mq.

AcuTerm® melamine resin panels ensure a high soundabsorption power. Their extreme lightness makes them ideal to be fixed up on the ceiling. The wide range of shapings permits a perfect harmonization in every application field.


ECO-TYPE OPEN PORE: a basic coloration that lets the foam pores open. This finish is suitable for ceiling.
LOVELY®: Our own closed cell surface is waterproof and easy to clean. This finish is suitable for walls, where the people can touch the panels.
(Please note that the eco-type open pore surface color is less intense than Lovely®.)

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    cm. 60 / inch. 23,62
L     cm. 60 / inch. 23,62
H     cm. 6 / inch. 2,36


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