The program of seats and furnishing elements has started with our designer Luca Tomei. It is so born a line of amusing products with a strongly contemporary character and, at the same time, so practical and flexible as to be ideal for the decoration of new, seductive environments.


He has been elected in the first 25 best trend-setters in the world and in the top-ten of Italian Architects. He creates with Foam Tek® the Ray Chair that has been presented in London, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, San Francisco, Sidney and Venice. His projects developed with Foam Tek® have been published by the most important architecture and design magazines. A strong feeling with our products is so born, bearing the creation of the new seat Clover Chair, expressly designed for Foam Tek®.


The furniture by ONarch takes advantages by the iconographic element of the word and the symbol, across the potentiality and the versatility of the foam, becoming three-dimensional seating. Their desing is fruit of the contamination of the different worlds of desing, architecture, outfitting, city planning and, often, of the union of these fields.


A creative team based in Barcelona specialized in the design of luxury goods with and extensive and exclusive list of work. They have developed the design of our new kids range.


Our in-house study designs and manufactures the seats just drawing from our technical and productive industrial park, so that to create a wide furniture outlook.