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Models by FoamTek*
Models by Luca Tomei
              Art Collection by APS
Furniture by OnArch

Introduction to FoamTek

The Coated Foam Manufacturer for Design Furniture

The Coated Foam Manufacturer for Design Furniture

With a decennal experience in furniture we develop and manufacture of a brand new top quality coated foam
seating for interior and exterior design. Across the use of a special
semirigid foam we are able to satisfy, direct from our manufacturing
plant, the design lovers with a special process to obtain a contoured
and coated foam seating shape in every quantity, size and color.
Presented in 2005 at the Milan Furniture Fair with a great deal of approval, Foam
Tek® bases its work on a three generation experience. Foam Tek® has been the first company in the world to develop and manufacture a
state-of-the-art complex collection.

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