Coated products in  Lovely Foam*

The vast range of colors is selected to satisfy your taste as much as possible. We can also manufacture your custom color from the RAL, Pantone and NCS scales.

RAL Traffic Yellow 1023

RAL Yellow Green  6018

RAL Traffic Red 3020

Pantone® 218U

RAL Heather Violet 4003

RAL Traffic Purple 4006

RAL Blue Lilac 4005

RAL Pastel Blue 5024

RAL Light Blue 5012

RAL Traffic Blue 5017


RAL Ocean Blue 5020

RAL Beige Grey  7006

RAL Chestnut Brown 8015

RAL Jet Black 9005

RAL Light Ivory 1015

RAL Tarpaulin Grey 7010

RAL Reed Green 6013

RAL Platinum Grey  7036

Pantone® 638U

Pantone® 382C

RAL Luminous Orange 2005

Pantone® 233C

Pantone® 377C