INfinite SoundAbsorbers

INfinite. Our background is the Materia

Thanks to our polymeric materials, that have an expanded form as a structure, we can create any kind of sound-absorption shape for architecture and design. The reticular open cell mass of our foam elements can capture the reverberation of ambiental noise and gives to the users an environment where informal, coloured and optically soft panels are combined with a superior acoustic comfort.

All the soundabsorption panels presented by FoamTek* are specific for the acoustic correction and wherever there are background buzzes and noises: they are very easy to use and permit an improvement of the comfort in an easy and effective way.

AcuTerm® Ambient
From €18.60 EUR
AcuTerm® Plano
From €16.00 EUR
AcuTerm® Convex
From €18.60 EUR
AcuTerm® Wave1
From €16.90 EUR
AcuTerm® Wave3
From €16.50 EUR
AcuTerm® Wedge
From €16.00 EUR